The scope of our industry experience across multiple markets combined with proven talent expertise fuels the provision of innovative and contextual solutions that address multifaceted challenges of our clients. Our top-notch talents who are constantly on top of competitive dynamics and advances in technology also enable startups, small and medium enterprises to thrive and be the drivers of change within their respective sectors.


Our ecosystem is comprised of talented IT professionals and Software Developers who are passionate about technology and leveraging the best of their capabilities to continuously find solutions to the pressing challenges of modern times. At the heart of Gebeya’s Ecosystem, you will find the the Training Program designed to meet both the need of the aspiring African Software Developer, IT Professional and the demanding enterprise requiring the best. Gebeya's Marketplace offers these highly trained IT Professionals and Software Developers employment by both local and international companies, while the G-Startups Program provides support to creative tech professionals who strive to become the pillars to an ever growing African tech startups ecosystem.


Ranging from Startups and SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Medium sized companies, Non-profit organizations to Financial Institutions, our clients and partners are a broad mix of private, public as well as social sector institutions to whom we provide services that bring long-term and vital improvements to their performances.